Ozone Therapy As Co-Adjuvant Treatment In Canine Chronic Renal Insufficiency. A Case Report

Alain Lecat


Chronic renal insufficiency or chronic kidney disease is a commonly encountered pathology in veterinary medicine, especially in the elder patient.  The purpose of this study was the evaluation of the use of ozone therapy in a canine chronic renal insufficiency patient and the assessment of result related to the main blood parameters and the clinical evolution.  Concomitant use of conventional treatment was not obviated.  The breed of the patient was a female Griffon Nivernais who presented a severe renal failure.  Ozone therapy was applied in treatment cycles by ozonated saline solution and minor autohemotherapy.  The concomitant use of ozone therapy improved the quality of life and contributed to a radical change in blood parameters.

Palabras clave

ozone, ozone therapy, sporotrichosis, feline.

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